Friday, July 16, 2010

Two Egg Omelettes on a Bagel, No Hyphen

I didn't have a two-egg omelette on a bagel. I had two omelettes on a bagel.

Yes, I eat a lot of bagels, especially when I bought one dozen fresh and they didn't get eaten last weekend, so I had to freeze them. Sue me.

Anyway, not in the mood for cheese, which usually works well, because it covers the hole, but I was in the mood for salsa (like Frank, from "Everybody Loves Raymond"), which could make a mess.

Here's how I handled it. Toasted a bagel. Scrambled one egg. Buttered the bagel. Put the one cooked egg on the hot bagel to keep warm. Poured a second egg into the pan. Spooned the salsa on the first egg. Finished cooking the second. Put in on top of the salsa. Voila! Salsa sandwich with the egg as bread. Well, not exactly. That was inside a toasted bagel.

Nice. And it didn't squirt salsa all over, either.

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