Friday, July 9, 2010

Eggless McMuffin-ish

I've had this idea for a comic strip, which I'd use if I get stuck and can't come up with something more geeky to do. The woman confronts the man, upset because she found a package of bacon in the freezer when he's supposed to be eating healthier food. He tells her to relax, he bought it for a recipe. She suspiciously eyes him and asks what recipe. He mumbles, "bacon and eggs".

This comes to mind because I wound up using the Canadian bacon I bought to use in other recipes as the main part of the meal this morning.

My Generic breakfast starts as a toasted, buttered bagel and depending upon time, hunger and how inclined I'm feeling about cleaning up, add cheese, eggs (fried or scrambled) or both. I wasn't in the mood to clean a pan and spatula and definitely not a mixing bowl and whisk on top of that. Remember the old jingle about "eggs, Canadian bacon, cheese and [English] muffin are the makin' of your morning"? Probably not. You have to be old and lived in front of the TV that month.

So I had no egg, and substituted a bagel for the English muffin. Whatever.

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