Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chocolate Pudding Parfaits

I blame this one on my friend's wife, who is addicted to the Food Network. Something simple enough for someone simple like me to make.

1 box of Chocolate pudding, milk, graham crackers, and mini-marshmallows. That's it.

Make the pudding like it says on the box. While it's sitting for five minutes, put half the box of graham crackers into a ziplock bag and use a rolling pin to break it up into crumbs and tiny bits. Put some pudding in the bottom of each of four glasses. Top with graham crackers. Top with mini-marshmallows. Repeat. That's it. Cover them, and put them in the fridge until after dinner.

The package made 2 cups of pudding, so that was 1/2 cup per cup, divided into two 1/4-cup layers.

Reviews: everyone likes the graham crackers, one person didn't really like chocolate pudding, and one wanted more layers for better mixing (and without marshmallows). Everyone's a critic.

Note: that's an actual photo that I took myself. Please don't reuse it without asking (and waiting for a reply). Thank you.

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