Thursday, July 24, 2014

Veggie, Tomato, Onion Breakfast Burrito

Let's face, breakfast time is the best time to experiment!

I have all day to clean up the mess I made. Seriously, I enjoy breakfast, and I'm generally making these for one because everyone else is already out, or doesn't want to be my guinea pig.

I've been making a lot of wraps lately, cutting down on the bread and toast (although not so much on the bagels -- I like my fresh bagels!).

This was my latest experiment.

Ingredients: Last night's leftover veggies, 2 eggs, some grape tomatoes and a slice of red onion, cut up real good.

Prep: reheat the veggies in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds. There isn't much there. You can also take out some frozen vegetables and cost them according to the instructions. I wanted something a little chunky, not just peas, carrots and corn. (Not that there's anything wrong with those, but that's not what I was in the mood for.)

Scramble a couple of eggs. While they're cooking, cut up a few grape tomatoes and the slice of onion.

Put the veggies on the tortilla. Add the egg. Top with tomato and onion. Season it, if desired. (Salt and pepper to taste, as they say.)

And you'll see the following results:

No pictures of the wrap, because I'm still working on my perfect tortilla roll!

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